Senior Residences

Searching for a stimulating ongoing program geared to the interests and abilities of independent older adults?

With years of experience and dedication, Judy sincerely puts her audience at ease, speaking clearly and distinctly. She is continually challenging and motivating seniors to stay mentally active and "keep their minds on track."

Participants feel comfortable, and leave more confident about their minds and memory; that’s Judy’s commitment to this rapidly growing group of "students."

Said Edie, a 5 Star Premier resident, " … Judy opens doors that others think are long closed."

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Active Adult Communities

It’s your time to enjoy life – fill your social calendar, make new friends – and remember their names! Don’t let Senior Moments get in your way!

Learn how simple lifestyle changes can create major changes in the life of your brain. With her engaging personality, Judy's relatable stories, humor, and strategies provide tips you'll remember to remember.

Age‐proof your brain when you change your mind from "a Maze to Amazing!"
Stop complaining! Start Brain Training – now where are those keys?

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Cruise Ships

Good memories are the best souvenirs of any trip. Not just another "port talk," Cruising the Brain Waves is an informative, entertaining enrichment program created to make every voyage memorable.

"Been there, done that, got the tee shirt!" Experienced cruisers are looking for novelty – entertainment plus mental exercise and "that's Braintertainment!" The results are in: Standing room only and "the best attendance EVER for an enrichment presentation!" onboard the "Freedom of the Seas."


Azamara Club Cruises, "Azamara Quest"

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Social, Charity, Business and Educational Organizations

Want a dynamic, energetic, engaging speaker to "braintertain" your group?

  • interactive word games
  • logic puzzles
  • memory techniques
  • focus training exercises
  • processing speed activities

Judy's stimulating mental activities are designed with fun in mind. Her informative programs are so well-received that she is always asked back for encore presentations.

Judy is a very popular speaker at the Academy of Continuing Education (A.C.E. program) in Boynton Beach, FL. After she presented recently at Temple Torah, the program director wrote "I had a great speaker today, the best of the season."

And from the Golden Rule Stroke Support club: "Your joy and zest for life is evident in what you do. Thank you for sharing your talent with our group."

Program Chairs Contact Judy here

Topical Programs

Have a particular issue relevant to your group? Need to stay focused in a world of distractions? Want to remember names? Can't think of the word?

Get aboard with engaging cognitive activities to challenge attention, recall and understanding. Judy's entertaining presentations go everywhere, whether it's a
book club (comprehending, remembering, reviewing),
social club (event planning, attention, memory ‐ NAMES!),
health club (stretch and tone mental muscles, like Pilates for the mind),
wealth club (executive functions: problem solving, logic, decision making, analysis),
senior club ("what did I come in here after?"),
or all of these!

Judy's seminars provide an hour of pure "braintertainment" tailored to your own group's specific needs and interests, or those of your clients.

Event planners and Seminar Leaders learn more

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