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    Judy Herman is a special interest/enrichment lecturer with programs geared to Baby Boomers, active adults, savvy seniors and the elderly. She engages audiences of all ages with interactive word games and mental activities designed with fun in mind.
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    Although it looks like math because of the numbers, Sudoku is actually a logic puzzle.

    Complete the large grid so that each row, column and 3x3 mini grid (outlined in bold borders) contains the digits 1 through 9, without repeating.



    Memory Game

    click on the cards, and match any 2

    Click here to reset game











    What do you see?


    What do you see?


    What do you see?


    What do you see?


    February 2020:


    For a short month, February is known for many things, ending with an extra day every four years. Happy Leap Year, 2020! Before that we observe Groundhog Day when the critter observes his own shadow (or not), Valentine's Day (love and dark chocolate time), and Presidents Day (Happy birthday George and Abe). We cheered for our favorite team in the Super Bowl on the 2nd and our favorite stars at the Academy Awards on the 9th - which is also National Pizza Day! And before we celebrate Mardi Gras on the 25th, here's to National Drink Wine Day on the 18th and National Margarita Day on the 22nd. So cheers to February, also known as Black History Month and American Heart Month!

    Here's a riddle in recognition of Presidents Day to get your February thinking in the right direction.

    • In the year 1894, if all of the American presidents had been able to stand in a row, how far would they have reached?



    January 2020:

    "20/20 Double Vision…" …

    Here we are at the start of a NEW Year AND a NEW Decade!

    In 2020 focus your vision on simple lifestyle changes to improve your overall health, physical and mental, and to make it 20/20!

    Start by trying new kinds of puzzles and word games, like the following Double Vision example.
    Directions: In each of the following words, there are two double blanks. Fill in the blanks with the same pair of letters in the same order to complete an English word. For example, use the letter‐pair a c in b__ __k p __ __ k to make the word backpack.

    BRAIN‐tertainer™ Tips:   Look for common letter patterns such as "ing" and "tion" or "ment". Remember to note unusual letter combinations like "zard" to come up with the unique word that works. And don't forget that words often start with vowels.

    • p _ _ n _ _

    • lo _ _ i _ _

    • _ _ i _ _

    • v _ _ lat _ _ n

    • s _ _ ur _ _ e

    • _ _ at _ _

    • b _ _ _ _ a

    • _ _ p _ _ zard

    • s _ _ t i m _ _ t

    December 2019:

  • So, the timing of the holidays got me thinking…

    "2o2o Holiday Vision" …

    Because Christmas Day and New Year's Day occur exactly one week apart, it makes sense that a New Year's that occurs right after Christmas should be on the same day of the week.
    But in the year 2020, Christmas will be on a FRIDAY and New Year's Day on a WEDNESDAY. What?? Why?

    BRAIN‐tertainer™ Tip:  Some of you with 2020 vision will spot the reason right away. For those more nearsighted, the answer is below.
    For everyone I wish a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year ‐ and that we all see a dynamic New Decade!

  • November 2019:

  • In November we give thanks for family, but sometimes holiday gatherings can be tricky. This one is just puzzling


    Susan has invited her family for a Thanksgiving celebration. To make her holiday table extra festive, she wants to buy new plates ‐ one for each guest at her Thanksgiving Dinner.

    Including herself, there will be a grandfather, a grandmother, two fathers, two mothers, four children, three grandchildren, one brother, two sisters, two sons, two daughters, one father-in-law, one mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law.

    If she wants one new plate for each person, how many plates does Susan need to buy?

    BRAIN‐tertainer™ Tip:  When you pose this question at your family feast, look for relatively similar answers!

  • October 2019:


  • Question: How do you know that it's Fall in Florida?
    Answer: The license plate colors begin to change!

    Yes, the "Season" is starting and Snowbirds are flocking to the Sunshine State once again, coming from all over the country to escape the cold weather up north. Which brings to mind the following


    Which U.S. states have only four letters in their names?

    BRAIN‐tertainer™ Tip:  There may be more than you think at first ‐ and maybe even one less! Before you solve a problem, determine what question is really being asked.

  • September 2019:

    Here's Your Monthly Teaser …

  • Studies have shown that physical activity boosts mental ability, especially when you exercise before a learning activity.
          So first make time for some physical exertion, then dive into this teaser to exercise your brain.


    Can you think of one three-letter word, one four‐letter word and one five‐letter word that read the same right‐side up AND upside down?

    BRAIN‐tertainer™ Tip:  You can easily check guesses by writing your answers then turning the page upside down.

  • August 2019:

    Here's Your Monthly Teaser …

  • It's the end of summer ‐ our gardens are in full bloom and crops are bountiful, almost ripe and ready for harvest.
    Sow, in the spirit of good growing, here is a

            "CODE WORD teaser with a GARDENING THEME"

    Directions: The numbers 1 ‐ 9 represent letters in this cryptic puzzle.
            In each numerical code below, replace the numbers with the corresponding letters to decipher the word.

    As additional numbers sprout, you'll be able to identify the new letters as you go along.

    Can you unearth these items found in a garden after I plant the information that

    1 2 3 = H O E
    4 5 6 1 = P A T H

  • Clue 1. ‐  4 3 5 6       Spells:"______"
  • Clue 2. ‐  4 3 6 5 7    Spells:"_______"
  • Clue 3. ‐  5 4 4 7 3    Spells:"_______ "
  • Clue 4. ‐  4 5 6 8 1    Spells:"_______"
  • Clue 5. ‐  6 2 2 7 9    Spells:"_______ "

  • July 2019:

    Here's Your Monthly Teaser …

  • With baseball season now in full swing, I asked Ryan, our family scholar/athlete and star lefty pitcher:
            "Does it take longer to run from first base to second base, or from second base to third base?"
    He answered, and in return he threw one back to me:
            "Which takes longer ‐ running from home to first base or from home to third base?"
    So I'm tossing them both out to you. See if you make the catch and score an answer to each question. I'll "bat" you can!

  • June 2019:

    Here's Your Monthly Teaser …
    Here's a cute joke that uses clever word play for its punch.
    The lines are where I've eliminated the key words, each of which relates in some way to the specific animal described, and to money in general.
    Figure out the correct words and your effort will pay off, with full credit!

    An Animal Tail Tale

  • A duck, a deer and a skunk went out for dinner at a fancy restaurant. When it came time to pay, the skunk didn't have a _ _ _ _ _ and the deer didn't have __________. So they just put the meal on the duck's _ _ _ _ (she had an "eggs‐pence" account), and they lived happily ever after.

  • May 2019:

    Here's Your Monthly Teaser …
    Having novel experiences and trying different activities can build your thinking skills and increase overall mental flexibility. Exercise your brain often with new learning and performance challenges that build cognitive "muscle." So … think about this one. ..

    May I Have a Few Words With You?

  • Using only the letters below, and using each letter only once, can you find one 3‐letter word and two 5‐letter words to describe what we do in "BRAIN‐tertainment" presentations and classes? Along with having "fun in mind," of course!

    H   A   K   E   R   D   I   N   T   N   A   L   N
    _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _

  • April 2019:

    Here's Your Monthly Teaser …
    Hope you don't feel foolish when you get the answer to this month's Trainer/Teaser because I know that you're no April Fool! But you may have to Hunt for the answer to this "Egg-cellent" Easter Trainer/Teaser. Just don't Passover the most important information..
    The Holiday Picnic

  • Clue: To celebrate the Spring holiday, a couple who has five daughters goes for a picnic on Easter Sunday.
    Each daughter has four brothers.
    Each brother has three children.
    How many people in total were there at the holiday picnic?

  • March 2019:

    Here's Your March Monthly Teaser …
    This series of letters represents a familiar sequence in an unfamiliar way. How quickly can you determine what the letters stand for so you can complete the series? I won't spell it out for you, but solving this monthly teaser can be as simple as learning your A B C's.

  • Clue 1. A A D F J J J __ __ __ __ __
    What do the letters stand for? ________________________________________

  • February 2019:

    "Get SHORT‐y" …
    Here's a SHORT word game, appropriate for February, the shortest month. This type of puzzle activates the vocabulary and communication area of the brain and can prevent those "tip of the tongue" moments when you just can't think of a word. In short, all you have to do is complete the word or phrase which contains the word SHORT ‐ get it?

  • Clue 1. Recent memory "SHORT____"
  • Clue 2. Baseball position " SHORT_____"
  • Clue 3. Not quite a novel " SHORT____ "
  • Clue 4. Electrical fault " SHORT_____"
  • Clue 5. Deficiency " SHORT____ "

  • January 2019:

    Unscramble each of the clue words and write the answer in the grid. Copy the letters in the numbered boxes to the corresponding number boxes at the bottom of the page to reveal the secret message.

    December 2018:

      A movie theater in Boca will be having a "reel-y" special promotion sometime in 2019. They will be giving away free popcorn to everyone who figures out the correct day to bag a bag of corn.

    From the following clues, decide when to pop in to claim your prize:

  • Clue 1. The giveaway will take place in the last week of a month containing the letter "R."
  • Clue 2. It will be on a day that contains the letter " S."
  • Clue 3. Both the day and the month contain the letter " N " ‐ and the letter " U. "
  • So in 2019, when will you be making your move to the movies?

  • October 2018:

      In October, don't be afraid to Fall for the answers to these "tricky" Halloween riddles.


  • 1. What do you call a ghost with a torn sheet?
  • 2. Why didn't the skeleton dance at the party?
  • 3. How do you repair a jack-o-lantern?
  • 4. And in Florida, what do you call a witch who lives at the beach, but still likes the country "club"?

  • September 2018:

    Here is a puzzle based on a TV crime show: The following sentences are labelled 1, 2, and 3, but something is wrong with the order. Quite a mystery! Play detective and determine what order should they be in, and solve the case with WHY?
    Directions: Initially, read each sentence carefully, noting more than just meaning. Then deduce the pattern to figure out the appropriate sequence and the only correct answer.
      BRAIN‐tertainer TIP: "Look at spelling tricks" for the final sentence.

  • 1. Scientific evidence could offer nothing decisive.
  • 2. Technically, his identity remains doubtful.
  • 3. Further inspection revealed separate timelines.

  • ANSWER?  ORDER: ______________________
    WHY? _____________________________

    August 2018:

    "JessicaT" …
    This Trainer/Teaser was created in loving memory of our precious Jessica, the CAT. She is always in our hearts, and it's tough adjusting to life without her, so I'm hoping this will be a CAThartic exercise for me and an intriguing CATegory for everyone.
    Directions: Find the word defined by the clue. This should be right up your alley, but there's a CATch! Each word begins with the letters C-A-T. For example: Getting the answers can be a CATalyst to CATapult your thinking to a new level.
    CLUE                                             ANSWER

  • 1. Provider of food for an event       CAT________________
  • 2. Mail‐order magazine                   CAT________________
  • 3. Before it's a butterfly                  CAT________________
  • 4. Model's runway                          CAT________________
  • 5. Absolutely, unconditionally           CAT________________

  • July 2018:

    "SUM‐MER DAZE" …
    If the heat of these long summer days is making your thinking weak, here's a cool way to exercise your logic and problem solving ability.
    Analyze the numerical patterns in the series and crack the code ‐ which is the same for all days. Decide what makes a week really count ‐ sum of the days!

  • MONDAY = 617
  • TUESDAY = 729
  • WEDNESDAY = 9312
  • THURSDAY = 8412
  • FRIDAY = 6511
  • SATURDAY = 8614
  • SUNDAY = ? ? ? ?
  • So for Sunday, can you figure out the number?

    "BRAINtertainer Tip": Figure out what each digit of the code represents and how the information relates to each day.
    Look at letters, numbers and chronological order, then do a little math ‐ it all adds up.

    June 2018:


    A popular ice cream shop in Boca will be giving away free cones sometime this year. They haven't said exactly when, but there are three clues to the day of their giveaway.

    • 1. It will be in the first week of a month without an "A" in it.
    • 2. It will be on a day of the week that has a "U" in it.
    • 3. Although the month has no "E", the day of the week contains an "E".
    So for this year 2018, can you tell the exact date?

    MAY 2018

    Here's a fun teaser you MAY like. All you have to do is determine the correct letter on each line to spell the word suggested by the clue.

    • My first letter is in GOOD but not in BAD
    • My second is in MOM but not in DAD
    • My third is in TALL but not in SHORT
    • My fourth is in FILE but not in SORT
    • My whole is a VERY challenging SPORT!

    What word am I? ___________________

    April 2018:

    "One of these Things is Not Like the Others, One of these Things Just Doesn't Belong …"
    Remember those words to the Sesame Street song? They introduce the concept of the puzzle below. In each question, use your logic to determine which item is the "odd word out," then check the answers below.

    • 1. Carnation  Pansy  Cabbage  Rose

    • 2. Europe  Australia  Asia  Canada

    • 3. Dodgers  Cubs  Bears  Mets

    • 4. Persian  Afghan  Burmese  Siamese

    • March 2018:

      Here's a "BRAINtertainer Tip": when faced with a series problem, look for connections not just in meaning but in progressions, spelling, number of words/letters, similar associations, etc. With those suggestions in mind, now answer the question COMMON KNOWLEDGE What do the following words have in common?

      Vermont, statuesque, Swedish, Arthur's, Africa, sensation, misunderstood

      February 2018:

      It is my HEARTfelt wish that you will enjoy this Valentine month word game in which each answer contains the word HEART. I've provided the definitions ‐ I would LOVE for you to make a wholeHEARTed attempt to determine the correct answer.
      What do the following words have in common?

      CLUE       ANSWER

      • 1. Matinee Idol       HEART________________

      • 2. Cheerful       ______________HEART___

      • 3. War Veteran honor       _____________ HEART

      • 4. Life sound       HEART ________________

      • January 2018:

        Did anyone get a new family member as a holiday gift? Lucky you! Many of us experience the joy of having a pet ‐ personally, Jessica the cat is the feline love of my life ‐ and one is enough. But some people are real animal lovers, and share their lives with multiple pets. Like my friend Susan, who has many.
        Susan has fish, birds, dogs and cats at her house ‐ all living happily together.
        Collectively, the non-human family has 15 heads, 6 wings, and 38 feet.
        How many fish does Susan have?

        DECEMBER 2017

        Car transporters are arriving and holiday‐themed commercials have already started the Florida Seasonal countdown! So here's a holiday-themed Trainer/Teaser to kick off your "season" full of good cheer. Before that, Thanksgiving will give us a chance to reflect on and be truly grateful for the many blessings in our lives ‐ and the many ways we can continue to be a blessing for others. But for now, let's

        Cut to the Chase

        The following words are shortened versions of longer words which all fit into the same category. It's up to you to figure out the full‐length words and how they relate. In the example, PEN NICK DIM the complete words are PENNY, NICKEL and DIME and the category is COINS. Cash in and try out these three holiday-themed selections.


        • 1. DASH_____   COME_____   CUP_____       CATEGORY: _______________________________

        • 2. CAN_____  STOCK _____  TIN_____       CATEGORY:_______________________________

        • 3. TURTLE_____  PIPE_____   PART_____       CATEGORY:_______________________________

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